Simple, smart and
occasionally magical.

All our software is designed with the end user in mind. Intuitive to use and fully
integrated to your existing management software.
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Hosted Payroll Solutions

It's flexible and
user friendly!

With multiple ways of performing tasks and processing pays
you can put power in the hands of the user.
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Flexible and User Friendly

Good solutions for
growing your business

D-BIT Software will save your organisation time and money
which you can spend on growing your business.
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Good Solution For Growing Your Business


It’s Quick

D-BIT’s fully integrated software solutions will save your company time and money.


It’s Accurate

Be confident the D-BIT solution will give you accurate and consistent results.


It’s Scalable

The D-BIT solution caters for organisations of all sizes and can easily handle changing business requirements



It’s Intuitive

D-BIT has an easy to use and intuitive interface.

About D-BIT


D-BIT Australia was formed in 1987 and is a Professional Services and Development organisation that specialises in Payroll, Time Capture and Interpretation, Billing, HRM, Fixed Assets, Development, Service and Support.

D-BIT has business units in North America, South Africa and Asia Pacific that deliver to 40,000 clients in 35 countries, with successes in all industries including Professional Services, Financial Services, Mining and Construction, Education, Technology, Transport and Retail.

D-BIT established and strengthened its products as the premier payroll software choice of Australian companies by creating alliances with SAP, ACCPAC and Great Plains. D-BIT Systems holds Platinum Developer status for Computer Associates and is a registered developer for Microsoft, Microsoft Great Plains and Platinum software. D-BIT has also partnered with various leading financial systems to ensure total integration, including ACCPAC and Microsoft. D-BIT software currently integrates with 30 financial systems.

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What We Do


Payroll Software

D-BIT Payroll is a robust and flexible payroll solution that can integrate with front and back end systems to provide an end to end solution.

Online Timesheets

Capture timesheets online from multiple devices, anywhere, anytime. Our online timesheet solution is highly configurable and intuitive in order to meet different requirements.

Online Invoicing

Create invoices from timesheet data immediately and send these to clients before the payroll is processed. This will increase cash flow exponentially.

Award Interpreter

Timesheets with start and end times can be run through the D-BIT award interpreter for immediate and accurate award calculations. Add and maintain any number of awards that can be configured in a number of ways.

Outsourced Payroll Services

Let our payroll processing experts manage your end to end payroll function. Using a mix of our products we can tailor our outsourcing services to meet the specific requirements of any organisation.

D-Bit Hosted Cloud

All our products can be securely hosted by us allowing you to access them remotely from anywhere at anytime. We maintain our infrastructure for the D-BIT suite of products to run at an optimal level at all times, always giving you access to the latest version of our software.