Standard Support Services


    • D-BIT will provide the Customer with the following Standard Support Services for the D-BIT Software:
  1. Product failure
  2. Program bugs
  3. General ledger enquiries
  4. All web updates to software
  5. All legislative updates to software
  6. Custom installations which have been provided by D-BIT Australia
  7. Integrated reports or systems that were created or provided by D-BIT Australia
  8. Custom reports that have been created or provided by D-BIT Australia
  9. Problems caused by customisations provided by D-BIT Australia
  10. Assistance in the resolution of environment issues
  11. Assistance in the resolution of Pervasive Software issues


  • Standard Support Services will not include the following services:
  1. Third party applications (including Banking software).
  2. Pervasive Software (D-BIT is a reseller of the software only).
  3. Advice on tax calculations and rules.
  4. Custom installations that have not been implemented by D-BIT Australia.
  5. Custom reports that have not been created by D-BIT Australia (changes to reports are not part of support)
  6. Customer Environment Issues.
  7. Integrated reports or systems that were not created or provided by D-BIT
  8. Problems cause by user error
  9. Problems caused by third Party applications

D-BIT Australia’s support team are not responsible for network, operating system, third party applications or computer maintenance.

  1. How Support Services Work
    • D-BIT will appoint a Senior Consultant to work closely with the Customer to manage the support agreement on an ongoing basis.
    • The D-BIT Support Team provides support services to the Customer by telephone, e-mail or web.
    • There are three methods for contacting the D-BIT Help Desk:
      • Online Help Desk
    • Website address: (or click on the Helpdesk Login located at the top of the D-BIT website)
    • Login using Customer login details issued by D-BIT.
    • Use the online knowledge base to search by problem category or keyword once logged into Help Desk. Click on Knowledge Base located at the top of the page, then enter your search criteria.
      • Email
    • Email the D-BIT Help Desk at
      • By Phone

The D-BIT Help Desk can be contacted during the normal hours of operation on Tel: 1300 55 85 81.


  • Support calls outside of the normal hours of operation is by arrangement and carries a surcharge.
  • The person from the Customer lodging the call must be authorised to use the D-BIT Software and have undertaken D-BIT’s training program.
  • The person from the Customer lodging the call must indicate what priority level the issue is.
  • Phone Numbers for afterhours support will be provided with the establishment of your After Hours support services if applicable.
  1. Hours of operation
    • Normal hours of operation

The normal hours of operation of the D-BIT Help Desk are Monday to Friday – 09:00 to 17:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time on Working Days.

  1. Customer Responsibilities

The Customer is responsible for the maintenance and housekeeping of their environments, including regular back-ups and disk-space monitoring, as well as the integrity of their own data.

  • D-BIT Help Desk responsibilities
  • Accurately recording, or verifying, the details of issues reported by the Customer.
  • Requesting further information as required and suggesting workarounds until solutions have been found.
  • Assigning cases to the product support representative best suited to address the case.
  • Ensuring requests remain up to date, and that the Customer receives satisfactory responses within agreed timeframes.
  • Ensure requests are resolved in a timely manner to the Customer’s satisfaction.
  1. Response times for support requests
Priority Category Definition Initial Response Time
1 Critical Product Failure ·          The Payroll Department is severely impacted.

·          Any D-Bit system is unavailable.

Within 90 minutes. Constant attention until issue is resolved
2 Non-critical Failure ·          Unable to perform core payroll functions.

·          Specific payroll functions are unable to be performed.

·          Issue that has a business deadline impact

Within 4 hours
3 Major Problem ·          System functions but data is corrupted or certain functions produce errors.

·          Able to perform standard tasks with manual work alternatives.

Within 12 hours
4 Minor Problem ·          System functions, no data corruption.

·          Able to perform core business.

·          Various reporting / enquiry functions impacted.

Within 2 weeks

During a Prioirty 1 incident D-Bit will work around the clock to resolve the issue.