Streamline the entire process from taking on new employees to paying them.


D-BIT Online Recruitment Management System (RMS)



D-BIT RMS consists of a number of integrated modules that provide a streamlined end to end solution.

  • Add and maintain all your client information for placement and invoicing purposes.
  • Capture all new employee information in an easy to use web user interface. Once an employee is captured here, the employee Masterfile is automatically created in D-BIT Payroll.
  • Easily create jobs and make placements.
  • D-BIT RMS consists of the online timesheet solution D-BIT TMS to enable easy online time capture.
  • Run entered timesheets through the D-BIT Award Interpreter (D-BIT AMS) for immediate and accurate award interpretation.
  • Accurately invoice your clients based on timesheet information using D-BIT IMS.
  • Pass all timesheet data to D-BIT Payroll for accurate and timely payment of employees.
  • D-BIT RMS is highly configurable and open to integration with other 3rd party systems.