Project Management Services


The difference between software and well managed solutions.



Project management is an essential part of any new project

D-BIT Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned company with customers using our products for over 20 years in Australia and New Zealand. Our philosophy is that our customers come first and at D-BIT they are treated as people and not as a number.

The importance of project management cannot be emphasised enough. Many people think that project management is a waste of time and money, however in reality it has a very real effect on the successful implementation of a new software system. Our experience has shown that clients who don’t pay for or utilise project management encounter extra problems and hurdles simply because critical system functions were not identified when the software was configured.

Our key recommendation to all clients, existing and new, is that you should always invest in project management. It helps identifies key deliverables, gives you the ability to identify key functionality and provides a valuable timelines to track the system implementation. All project management at D-BIT is handles by senior consultants and operates on a per hour basis.