Streamline Your Payroll Process with our online timesheet solution.


D-BIT Online Timesheet Management System (TMS)


  • Capture timesheets online with our highly configurable and intuitive timesheet solution.
  • Employees can capture their own timesheets or a Manager can capture timesheets on behalf of employees. D-BIT TMS is a flexible solution.
  • D-BIT TMS can be configured for multiple approval workflows that will fit in with your current business processes.
  • Automated timesheet reminders can be sent to employees and approvers.
  • Capture multiple jobs and projects on one timesheet.
  • Multiple allowances can be captured on the timesheet. Alternatively allowances can be added to the timesheet automatically
  • Employees can capture expenses and break times.
  • Run entered timesheets through the D-BIT Award Management System (AMS) for immediate Award Interpretation