Generate invoices from timesheet data straight away.


D-BIT Online Invoice Management System (IMS)


  • D-BIT IMS will produce invoices from timesheet data that you can send to clients before the payroll is processed. This will increase your company’s cashflow exponentially.
  • Data is pulled through directly from D-BIT Online Timesheets (TMS) ensuring time is invoiced accurately.
  • D-BIT IMS is flexible and gives you total control.
  • D-BIT IMS has configurable invoice formats. Choose how you would like your invoice to look and what information you would like to display.
  • Configure invoicing frequency, consolidation and other rules per client.
  • Email invoices directly to your clients from within D-BIT IMS. The timesheet associated with the invoice can also be attached.
  • On-costs can be included on the invoice. On-cost figures can also be gathered to be displayed in the Gross Margin Report.
  • D-BIT IMS can integrate to your Accounting Package and send across Accounts Receivable information.
  • With D-BIT IMS you will reduce time spent invoicing by several hours each week.