Automate all award calculations from timesheet entry to Payroll processing.

D-BIT Online Award Management System (AMS)

  • D-BIT AMS is a powerful and flexible Award Interpretation solution that is capable of handling the most complex award calculations. Handle award calculations daily, weekly or a combination of both.
  • D-BIT AMS will be fully configured by our consultants to meet your Award Interpretation needs. However we understand requirements are always changing therefore award rules can be maintained by users via our intuitive web user interface. Users can also easily add new awards with the ability to copy rules from existing awards.
  • Timesheets from D-BIT TMS (or your 3rd party timesheet software) can be run through D-BIT AMS for real time award calculations. This means no more complex award calculations or any manual work to worry about.
  • D-BIT AMS will take into consideration all factors that may have an outcome on the award calculation such as: Public holidays, multiple shifts, overtime, breaks, allowances, multiple award employees and employees working across different departments.
  • Interpreted time can be sent directly to D-BIT IMS for invoicing and to D-BIT Payroll for accurate payment of staff. No more double entry.
  • D-BIT AMS can easily integrate with your existing business systems and processes. In addition to this you can deploy D-BIT AMS for multiple entities that may be part of one larger entity or company.
  • With D-BIT AMS you will save time and be confident of maintaining accuracy of results.