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Hosted Payroll Solutions - D-BIT Business Software Solutions


Efficient hosted payroll solutions

Our solution is unique in the market and truly provides a cost effective platform for any size company to run their payroll in a hosted environment without the headaches of hardware and backup infrustructure. If at a later date you want to move to an in-house solution, the software can easily be moved to this environment with minimal hassle.

We offer the complete range of services for any company looking to host their payroll to maximise their efficiency and reduce their running costs.

Key product offerings of D-BIT hosted payroll

  • No hidden fees and charges, you simply purchase the software and sign a debit order for the monthly access fees

  • Full employer access to our complete payroll solution giving you access to reports, employee data, etc

  • Full employee internet access allowing them to view payslips, payment summaries, apply for leave and input of timesheets

  • Fully scalable to meet your current and future payroll requirements

  • Employee self service module is branded to your company name

  • Comprehensive payroll function, including creating of ABA file for bank processing and general ledger journals

  • Easy submission of timesheets either weekly, fortnightly or monthly via the website. These can also be captured or uploaded in Excel format for processing

  • Daily backups to our data centre in Melbourne using bank grade encryption

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