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ASX Listed Recruitment Company Case Study - Payroll, Award Interpreter, Invoicing - D-BIT Business S

Our client is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and is a leading employment services provider, operating under a “House of Specialist Brands” strategy, offering contracting and recruitment services, IT services and contractor and payroll management to corporate and government organisations across the Asia Pacific.

When they approached us our client had several unlinked systems that meant a great deal of manual work was being done. What D-BIT proposed was a Central Database to be used as a “Source of truth”. Linked to this Central Database would be D-BIT Payroll, D-BIT online Invoicing, D-BIT Award Interpreter and the clients online timesheet and front end recruitment system (These systems are both developed internally by the client). The client is now live with a few of their brands and already seeing a number of benefits.

  • The D-BIT Solution has eliminated the manual intervention of paying the clients employees and invoicing their customers. It has reduced the amount of manual data capture between their main systems.

  • The D-BIT Solution is automatically creating new candidates from their front end recruitment system and also reading data produced from their online timesheet system. The timesheet data is award interpreted ensuring the employees are paid correctly and the customers invoiced correctly.

  • The solution has greatly reduced the amount of keying and in some cases double keying of information. It has also reduced the amount of overpayments and the complex process of recovering overpaid amounts from candidates.

  • The D-BIT solution has completely eliminated the keying of data back into spreadsheets to recalculate payments.

  • The D-BIT solution allows invoices to be created as soon as the timesheets are approved. This means the client is invoicing customers sooner, improving their overall cash flow.

  • The fully automated D-BIT Solution allows for scalability without the need for added resources.

  • Using the central database allows for much better viewing of data amongst the various systems and gives better clarity of data.

  • The automation of the D-BIT Award Interpreter has eliminated manual interpretation of timesheets.

  • The D-BIT Solution has reduced the amount of payrolls that need to be processed from 32 to 9 in Australia and New Zealand.

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