Managing employee resources is becoming the most significant contributing factor to the success of any organisation.

Human Resource Management Modules for D-BIT EMS


D-BIT HRM Modules effectively help you manage your employees, and make informed decisions about significant business issues such as performance management, remuneration, retention, succession, training and development.

  • Electronic storage of all people-related information to eliminate the paper-trail
  • Once-only data entry to reduce processing time, including the facility to bulk allocate information
  • Elimination of manual tasks involved with standard reporting
  • Eliminate duplication of information
  • Link all employee-related documents and files so that you have a central electronic depository for each employee helping to improve information management and organisational efficiency
  • Easily import or export information to eliminate manual data entry
  • Next of Kin
  • Performance Management (Appraisal Module)
  • Training Management Module