Corporate Profile

D-BIT Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned company with customers using our products for over 20 years in Australia and New Zealand. Our philosophy is that our customers come first and at D-BIT they are treated as people and not as a number.

Our company has had the same ownership from day one and has not been bought and sold along the way. In the stressful environment of payroll it is always nice to pick up the telephone and speak to a person who knows who you are and what they are talking about on the other end.

Our Payroll/HR software has been developed using the latest Microsoft technology available and this allows you to integrate to other systems in your business, giving you up to date access of your most important commodity, namely your employees.

This also gives you the right information to make the correct decisions that control the outcome of your business. This is something that D-BIT has been doing successfully for over 20 years.

Our no fuss attitude to our work and ongoing commitment to our customers is what sets us apart from the competition. We concentrate on making sure that our customers get what they want so that they can continue with what is most important to them, and that is their business.