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As a company you will have contracts with each customer of yours. By setting up these contracts within the D-BIT Contract Billing system, you will ensure you always create accurate invoices and payments.

Ideally suited to any company that places contract labour, or has employees that work on a billable basis at companies. For example, contract workers, temps, etc.

Key product offerings of D-BIT contract billing

  • Capture timesheets over the web or internally
  • Add new employees on your payroll via the web
  • Modify master details of employees on the web
  • Calculates complex on-cost components down to contract level
  • Authorise and post batches on the web
  • Generate invoices directly from web input Workflow authorisation
  • View employee payslips directly on the web
  • View company reports directly on the web
  • Integrates with most accounts receivable and general ledger systems
  • Unlimited contracts Unlimited employees
  • Single entry line
  • Full import/export
  • Fully ODBC compliant
  • Pro-forma invoicing
  • Flexible and dynamic contract setup
  • Single database
  • Full audit trail and history
  • Automated backup
  • Enhanced security model for full access control
  • Operates on the Microsoft .NET platform
  • Contract defines awards and billing of customers
  • Seamless Integration to Microsoft Dynamics